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Pulborough Osteopathic Clinic testimonials, West Sussex


"I have been going to Rob for treatment for many years now, initially to resolve a spinal injury and now for maintenance so I can maintain a healthy work-life balance. As an electrician I am always crawling into tight spaces to fix issues so regular visits to Rob enables me to continue."

RB, West Sussex

"I have been seeing Rob for over 20 years. I was suffering with terrible headaches that would often last for up to three days. I went to several osteopaths and chiropractors but none of them really helped. Being quite local, I was recommended Pulborough Osteopathic Clinic. I had my first appointment with Rob and have never looked back. He has not only got rid of my headaches but has also helped with various other aches and pains over the years as I have got older. My only worry now is if he ever gave up as I do rely on him to keep me going!"

JB, West Sussex

"Rob has been treating me and my family for over 10 years now. His approach is friendly, pragmatic and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough."

TS, West Sussex

"I have found Rob to be a very approachable and friendly therapist. My experience of osteopaths has always been very positive but I have found Rob’s treatment approach and knowledge to be very refreshing and reassuring. I have experienced severe and debilitating neck problems for many years but, following Robs’ regular treatment and advice, life has improved significantly."

ED, West Sussex

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